How does Skrill work? #1
Posted on 10:14 am 11/08/2020
I requested a payment, which appears as paid, but it does not appear in my Skrill account.

I have received an email from skrill saying that I have been paid.

"To get your money register your Skrill account within seconds using (my mail).
If you already have a Skrill account, log in, go to Settings> Personal details and add (my mail) as an additional email address. "

My skrill account is in Spanish and I don't know where to do that. No matter how much I look, it is not clear to me what to do.
Re: How does Skrill work? #2
Posted on 7:58 pm 11/09/2020
I did get money back from Skrill from member who wasn't signed up.
It sounds like all you need to do is sign up with the email you
used to get paid with or if already a member add that email to
your profile. Use a translator if you can't read English.
Your payment email is the same as what you sign up with.
You can't use different one.
If you fix this send my an on site message and I will look into
it and pay you. But normally you setting up your Skrill account
is your responsibility as is money lost. I don't have time to check into and contact every bad Skrill account
Last edited by admin on 8:02 pm 11/09/2020

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